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I’m happy to say my morning sickness seems to be wearing off.  It’s evening sickness, actually, but no matter.  I’m sure the last three days of feeling almost normal are due to somebody’s prayers, and I thank you for that.  Really.  I do.  Mine are all going to a friend, and I haven’t wanted to dilute them any by praying for anything trifling or selfish, so I appreciate that you have spared prayers for me.  And pray for my friend, too, please?

We’ve had a good rainy spring/early summer here, and the fellow we buy alfalfa hay from was convinced to part with some round bales of grass hay, too, since we’re having such a productive year.  We picked those up today, so I only need a couple hundred square bales, and we’re good to go for the winter. But, goodness, it’s hot today.  And so humid.

Last night, I was lamenting the discomforts of milking hot cows in a hot barn in this hot weather.  I looked forward to the icy cold winter to come.  At which time I will complain mightily about the cold and look forward to the heat of summer.  Brenna says I just have to embrace the season I’m in, sufferings and blessings alike.  She’s probably right, but it’s still really hot out.  And so humid.


Photos are, sadly, of the lovely heifers I have to sell, because, as Davey said, “I didn’t buy you a big enough farm, did I.” Actually, it’s big enough. It’s just that these sweet, pretty girls are so darned hard to part with.

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  1. angoraknitter says:

    You got it!

    I was just thinking about you all as I was watching a presentation on how grass fed cows will save the world on youtube. I was just reading something about grass fed beef tallow (good fats) on CatholicMom, and next thing I know I’m wading neck deep into the shores of organic animal husbandry. I look at my back yard and wish I could just let a small flock of sheep do the mowing… or maybe a small herd of rabbits… but alas while I’m sure I could get away with some rabbits in this zone, I’ve sworn off any more animals while we are active duty. Drat! What a waste of space. Your cows really are so very cute!

  2. Beckie R. says:

    Love the cow pics…cute little things! And I’m so glad you’re feeling better…Morning sickness is such a bummer! I’m liking all the heat around here, if only I could find someone else willing to spend the summer days outdoors enjoying the sunshine and naturally warm air! I”m tired of artificially cold air 🙁

  3. Thank you for the prayer shout out!! The prayers are so appreciated. I want your Jerseys!! How many are you selling? They are just so cute. Thinking of you!!

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