Last Calf of the Year


Maybelle delivered our last calf of the year last night! Both mother and baby seem to be doing fine, though Maybelle has had some mastitis that is setting us back a little bit. Fortunately, I had some colostrum in the freezer, so the calf is good to go no matter what.

Oh! And it’s a girl! Tomorrow I’ll tell you why five of our six calves have been female, and why we knew the one would be a boy. Our method is apparently not common knowledge.

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  1. Congratulations! šŸ™‚ And I must say I’m rather curious about tomorrows post … Love you!

  2. angoraknitter says:

    NFP for cows? Girl- a few days before ovulations Boy-at ovulation?
    If the cow is anything like me (mastitis prone) letting the baby…um…littler cowling nurse and nurse and nurse will do all the world of good for keeping the girl drained which should help a ton and fatten up that calf. My little guy is almost double his birth weight, cause I nurse him so much.

    1. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t let the calf nurse off her sick quarter because it hurts. As thinking, usually reasonable people, we can do things that are good for us in spite of short-term negative effects, like pain. Cows don’t think like, though. If it hurts, they try to stop the hurt, in this case, by kicking off the calf. We pull our calves and bottle feed for a variety of reasons anyway, so milking Maybelle as much as possible is my job.

      1. Beckie R. says:

        Hopefully, she won’t kick YOU off when you milk her!

        1. She gives it her best effort, but I’m smarter than she is. šŸ˜‰

  3. I can’t wait to read tomorrows post. I am very curious. Out of all our little Jersies born we only had one heifer. I am jealous of all of your milk!! yum! How much are you getting a day total? Looking forward to visiting you someday!!

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