I Sold a Cow!


Buttercup went home with a lovely family from over in the Danville area last night.  She’s going to be their Maybelle – their first bovine love – and I’m so happy for her and for them.  Selling this girl was not easy.  We love her and would happily keep all of our ladies, if only our land would magically increase with the size of our herd, and hay rained down from heaven.  This was the next best thing, though.  Buttercup went home with a real family, and I’m just so pleased for her.

This morning, Molly Moo is on her way to the processor and then we’ll be at our winter weight, as far as cows go.  I have one more calf available, but I don’t need to sell her till next summer, so no stress.  Calves are easy to care for and don’t eat much.

Now we just need to lighten the chicken load, kill off some sweet, fluffy little bunnies, eliminate a couple of pigs, and prepare the turkeys for the holidays.  I think we’ve got about three month’s worth of work left, then we can settle in for the winter.  Well, at least until January.  Then the whole cycle will start all over again.  We’re getting the hang of this, though.  We’ve already got a few ideas for streamlining things next year.


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6 thoughts on “I Sold a Cow!

    1. Jennie Cooper Post author

      Brenna – sweet, sensitive, tender-hearted Brenna – is having a hard time this week. We said good bye to Buttercup yesterday, and today, we dropped Molly at the processor. If it was up to Brenna, we’d only eat salads and our farm would be overrun with livestock.

  1. Angela

    Yeah!!! We’ve butchered about 15 of our chickens, with 9 left to go. That’ll happen tomorrow, along with the 6 turkeys we’ve got. Unfortunately, we don’t have much summer left. A few weeks perhaps. We do need to insulate the chicken coop a bit more, butcher pigs (a friend raises them for us and we have a big butchering party), process garden veggies, pick raspberries and make our years worth of jam, finish the shed we started that will be used for hay storage in the Spring….I’m sure there is more. Did I mention Mike will be gone a good portion of the next month?

    1. Jennie Cooper Post author

      We’ve got about 100-120 chickens and a couple dozen turkeys to do. They’ll be done in staggered 50 bird days, because four hours of chicken processing is all we can handle before we start melting down. 🙂 We gave away one of the pigs today and the other goes to the processor next week. And Davey never goes anywhere anymore. Sometimes, I miss field exercises, but not too often. 😉


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