In Which I’m Suddenly Three Steps Behind

Well, look at that! A whole week has slipped by, with no posts, of course. Been busy.

On Tuesday evening, Delaney stood outside the barn, swinging her duck-feeding bucket. “Can I have a scoop of feed?” she asked cheerfully.
“No! I’m almost out! Don’t you have feed next door?” I asked. We have a lean-to on our barn where we store hay, rabbits, and feed for the chickens, so the kids don’t have to navigate bovines all the time.
“Nope,” Delaney said. “We’re all out.”
Would have been nice if someone had told me. I could have gone for almost a week on the grain I had left for the cows, but not if I had to share with chickens, ducks, turkeys and pigs. I sighed and gave her the grain, then figured we wouldn’t be able to get to the feed guy till Thursday. So I pulled out the cows’ next three meals and set them aside, and warned everybody that they had to make the remaining grain last till then. Cows get priority around here. They’re the only ones who pull their financial weight. 🙂

I can’t remember what happened on Wednesday. It was cold and very windy. Very windy. I think we basically hunkered down indoors and tried to pretend that there was not cold weather coming. How’d we do? It was 29° this morning and I’m wearing long johns. You just can’t pretend the weather away.

Then it was Thursday! Bible study in the morning (only four more weeks, hooray!), a quick lunch, interrupted by a long phone call from a potential woodstove buyer, then off to the feed store in Corydon! Of course, there had to be a freak rain shower on the way home. Wouldn’t do to make it back with dry grain. Just as we pulled in, a customer did, too, and she had the pleasure of watching me back up our trailer into the barn for unloading. Fortunately, it was one of my finer backing-up jobs, so I did not embarrass myself. I helped her get her milk, helped the children get 2000 pounds of feed unloaded into the barn, got the trailer parked in its storage area, also in such a way that I would not have been embarrassed, and then… Davey pulled in, newly arrived from an entire day of VA doctor appointments! (One good thing about the VA is that they are excellent at stacking appointments.) So we had to discuss all of that, of course, and then it was time to make dinner, and the making of dinner is the beginning of four solid hours of activity, culminating in the blessed moment when I tuck in the very last child and turn off the hall light. (None of my children would even dream of going to sleep without their tuck-ins!)

So here we are on Friday morning, and I’ve cancelled school for the little ones because I have errands to run and other business to attend to. I just can’t squeeze everything into the hours on the fringes, you know? And sometimes it builds up into this backlog that must be dealt with, otherwise I shall never have another moment’s peace as long as I live. (No, I’m not exaggerating. Why do you ask?)

Oh, and prayers would be appreciated for my parents, Ken and Linda. He’s been in the hospital this week with some heart trouble. (And now I shall switch to understatements – make a big deal out of the little things and a little deal out of the big things; that’s my motto this week. 😉 )

So how has your week been?

If you aren’t doing anything, we’re having a bonfire tomorrow night. You’re welcome to stop by and relax for a while. You could probably use a little break, too. 🙂

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  1. I’ll keep your parents in my prayers.

    Would you add my parents to your prayers? My dad has cancer and will be having surgery very soon.

    1. Will do, Jenny. I’m sorry he’s sick.

  2. Praying for your dad..that can be so scary! I love reading about your farm adventures. We have five chickens and only get 2 eggs a day. Stinkers.

    1. Ha! We have 17 mature hens and some 30 who should be just coming on, and we get 3-11 eggs per day. I think your hen-to-egg ratio is better!

  3. Did you have your bonfire? It was really windy here. We had a birthday dinner (#24!) or I would have come!

    1. It was just a bit breezy till after sundown. The temps were surprisingly pleasant; we did NOT freeze to death! Unfortunately, not too many invitees were brave enough to give it a go. 😉

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