Sad Story About Ethanol

The headline sucks, but the story is pretty good.  Nothing I didn’t already know, but maybe it’s news to you.  On a personal note, my van went from 18-20 miles per gallon down to twelve when I could no longer find ethanol-free fuel.  Not sure how “green” that is.  🙁

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One thought on “Sad Story About Ethanol

  1. Barbara

    Thanks for the link. I have always hated the fact that farmers turned from producing food to producing fuel. It sickens me how much fuel people go through. Driving has become a form of entertainment for some. I haven’t made it through the entire article yet, but sending it to my “environmental” son (how on earth did I birth a tree-hugger?). We get into arguments all the time regarding the govt’s involvement where it shouldn’t be. People will figure out what to do when we run out of fossil fuel, just stay out of it, Mr. government. I just wish people would drive less, use less fuel, fuel prices would go down…blah, blah, blah. 😉


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