Happy Christmas!

010So this was our 2013 Christmas card photo (and I’m sorry if you didn’t get one; turns out I forgot to mail cards to all sorts of people.)  The number one, burning question on everyone minds?  “How did you get that turkey to pose like that?!”  (Except for David’s childhood friend, who called last night to say, “You didn’t tell me Jen was pregnant!”)

Anyway, I spent quite a few emails trying to convince my sister that I did NOT Photoshop that turkey into the picture.  You may rest assured, friends, that I never have Photoshopped anything.  In fact, I do not own Photoshop and I wouldn’t know what to do with it if I did.  The best (or worst) I can do for photo editing is cropping and maybe brightening with Picasa.  That’s it.

But back to the turkey.  Turkeys are actually extremely sociable, especially when they’ve been raised up from chicks.  It’s a fairly frequent occurrence to find the turkeys peeking through the kitchen window, or waiting on the porch for someone to come out.  (Ducks, too.)  So it was really less trouble to invite them over for the photo shoot that to attempt to keep them away.  Three of the seven were present that day; you may notice the extra tails and legs of the two hens on the other side of that tom.  And we convinced them to stay in that one spot by sprinkling some feed on the ground.  You can see the feeder tucked behind Davey’s legs, and the tom, true to form, is standing guard while the hens dine.  Male poultry of all kinds are very chivalrous.

And for anyone who didn’t know I was pregnant: the baby is due February 22.  🙂

Merry Christmas!

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I'm the mother of eight children, the wife of a retired soldier, and a newly minted farmer. I spend my days fairly productively, home educating our children, raising large quantities of food for several families, and volunteering in our community. I read entire novels a page at a time in the comfort of my bathroom. I tell people I'm Catholic just because they find it so shocking. I think there's nothing so exciting as a thunderstorm coming in. It doesn't bother me at all that my dog barks outside my bedroom window all night. And I rather enjoy being 40. I didn't think I would, but 40 is pretty good.

6 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!

  1. Susanna

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you all too! Our cards never quite came to fruition this year. But I’ve some of the kids to post later. I hadn’t even noticed your 6 legged, three tailed turkey before. I saw the turkey, but now that you point it out, indeed, that is an odd duck! You all look radiant! Beautiful family!

    My baby was due Mid Feb. last year…but decided he preferred March instead. Gosh time flies, I can’t believe it’s almost been a year already. How excited you all must be!

  2. Christine

    Love the Turkey in the pic. I wanted my chickens in our picture but…it just never happened. One dog got in and the kids were all looking! Merry Christmas!


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