Snow Day

snow day 007

Most of the time, if it even bothers to snow here, it’s just a dusting. Maybe an inch. Hardly enough to even hide the grass! But we got approximately TWO inches yesterday morning, and so the children dragged their sleds out to the field and had a great time on our best hills.

Our best hills are in the same pasture as the cows, though, unfortunately. Usually, the cows don’t care and leave the children alone, but this time, they were intensely curious. And nervous. So the children came back for hot cocoa a little sooner than they wanted to, but it was fun anyway.

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  1. How’s the weather down there this morning? I might be driving my mom to Cincinnati.

    1. Sorry I didn’t get back to comment in time! Love to you and your mama.

  2. We had fun with our inch of snow here, too! Made for AWFUL roads, though.

    1. I know. On Country Ham Day, the weather was awful and school was closed, which pretty much shuts down every activity in Meade County. Except country hams, apparently. I drove into town at about 30MPH, the roads were so bad. I much prefer to stay home!

  3. Glad the kids had some fun! We have quite enough snow, but the temps have been in the low teens for most of the time, and windy, so I just don’t feel I can send the kids out for any length of time without some serious issues! They have been sledding and playing, though, on the days when it warms up into the 20s or even, yay! the 30s!

    The cows look like they’d like a ride too! Love your pics, all of them!

    1. I’ve had to keep the small ones indoors a lot, too, because the wind chills are too low. 🙁

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