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A couple of weeks ago, I was walking through the local Kroger with my two youngest children.  In the back, near the hot dog display, I made eye contact with another random shopper and smiled a greeting as we passed.  She called out, “When are you due?”

I turned back to her.  “Five weeks,” I replied in my most cheerful, no-I’m-not-tired-of-this-question, voice.

She glanced again at my very pregnant abdomen and then said, “Well, let’s hope it comes sooner!”

I still have no idea how to take that.

~ * ~

Last week, we were ambling through the fabric store when I crossed paths with an unknown older man.  He took one look at me and said, “Looks like that turkey timer is about to pop!”

I did not say anything at all, and I am firmly convinced that men should not speak to pregnant women at all, unless they are on extremely intimate terms.

~ * ~

Actually, in light of the Kroger incident, perhaps no one should speak to pregnant women.  At least not about being pregnant.

~ * ~

In other news, the older girls have become sufficiently proficient with Latin that they are able to communicate with each other in that tongue.  What this means is that they are able to pass messages to each other in “secret code”.  I remember when they were young and David and I used to spell out anything we didn’t want them to hear.  Now it is we who are at a decided disadvantage.

~ * ~

In more exciting news, we got about 4″ of snow last night!  We almost never see that much snow at one time!  The children are thoroughly enjoying their snow day, but I expect it will all melt tomorrow, when temperatures rise back into the forties and it gets rained on.  Mud is not as much fun as snow, but we have to take what we can get around here.

Penelope was actually disappointed to wake up to a white world this morning.  “Oh,” she said, “I was hoping it was almost spring.”  Poor thing.  February is a hard, hard month for everyone to get through, coming on the heels, as it does, of December and January.  Today’s fresh air, sunshine and outdoor activity should help a bit.

And it really is almost spring.  I promise.

~ * ~

Last, but not least, I have a bunch of Miraculous Medals blessed by Pope Benedict in Rome on December 5, 2007.  Someone gave them to me and they have been floating around in my house for quite a while now.  All of us who want one have one, and I have five left.  If you are Catholic and would like one, please email me ( jennie at cooperfamilyfarm dot com ).  I’d really be delighted for them to find a good home.


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  1. I think its OK for men to talk to pregnant women if they’re saying things like, “May I carry this heavy load to your car for you?” or “Can I help you find something so you don’t have to walk all over the store looking?” But, yeah, comments about pregnancy are…awkward…from anybody.

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