The sleet started coming down at 4:00, just when the Weather Channel predicted it would.  I went out with the girls to milk the cows, even though I usually don’t in the evenings.  Maybelle has been acting up and needs a little TLC from me.  The sidewalk and cars were already coated with ice, the trees already wrapped in shimmering robes, pine boughs already bent to earth.  This is supposed to continue until sometime in the early morning, and being so late in this pregnancy, I couldn’t help remembering another.

Here is Tommy’s birth story, if you like: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Well, anyway, I probably won’t go into labor anytime soon.  Two weeks and four days to go, so I can enjoy this one without worry.  Probably.  And I’ve got water put by this time, so it’s all good.  🙂