Spring Fever


Ah, Springtime!

Everything is so full of life and vigor!

Cows frolic.  Pigs break loose from their pens. Chicks peep and leap with wild abandon.

And I make the children clean out barns and sheds and obscure corners and closets in the house, all the while harboring a secret desire to move, because moving is so much easier.* We’re on spring break, last week and this, and I want so much to tidy, declutter and organize that I have to make a conscious effort to just have fun with the kids.

Our hatches are going extremely well this year.  I seem to have a higher hatch rate than usual and expect to make another couple of chicken tractors.  We have a new design in mind, too, to at least get the turkeys started on pasture.  They may have to finish in a pen, but we can probably keep them on grass for three or four months.  We also have a calf due soon, and calves always delight us.

*Another holdover from Army life: At two point five years, I start getting ready to go, and if we don’t move, I get ready every year thereafter until we do. Nothing like a good move to lighten the load! 🙂

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About Jennie Cooper

I'm the mother of eight children, the wife of a retired soldier, and a newly minted farmer. I spend my days fairly productively, home educating our children, raising large quantities of food for several families, and volunteering in our community. I read entire novels a page at a time in the comfort of my bathroom. I tell people I'm Catholic just because they find it so shocking. I think there's nothing so exciting as a thunderstorm coming in. It doesn't bother me at all that my dog barks outside my bedroom window all night. And I rather enjoy being 40. I didn't think I would, but 40 is pretty good.

2 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. Beckie R

    I love the maple seed noses! I remember doing that throughout our childhood! Our maple trees give such little seeds that you can hardly use them as noses 🙁 We’ll have to go hunt up some bigger seeds!

  2. Kirsten

    I’m so enjoying this weather. It has been a balm to my soul. Happy Easter to you all.
    I have my other cow back. She was not bred after all. I need to try and “fix” her and get her bred. But it is nice to have her back. Pepper loves her!


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