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  1. If that is a frown, well…she can frown any time she wants too! She really is a beautiful baby! 🙂

  2. She looks more serious than frowny, I think. But no matter what her expression is, she’s adorable

    1. What was the service project?

      1. We’re not quite done yet – still have to deliver – so I’ll have to tell you tomorrow.

        1. Ok, it’s tomorrow…

          1. Yes, it is. Hold that thought, okay? I have to go plant some tomatoes, but we have just completed our mission and photos will be forthcoming!

  3. Sandra Modersohn says:

    Oh what a sweetie!! 🙂 Thanks for posting the picture!! ♥ Love and miss you guys!

  4. She’s a lovely baby…she looks a bit like your Tommy when he was a baby.

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