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This year, Delaney and Megan have been participating in a 4H program called Teen Leadership Academy.  They’ve had some really good experiences with this program, including giving their very first public speeches.  They liked the speech part so much that they signed up for the county Communications Night, won ribbons, and moved on to regionals.  Fun.

Anyway, as part of their requirements for “graduating” from the program, they had to do a community service project.  Food insecurity is actually a pretty big issue around here, and something that we feel pretty passionately about, so they decided to organize a food drive on behalf of our local food pantry.  Sunday after Mass, all of us girls headed over to our local Kroger, where we spent the next two hours pestering customers for green beans and tuna fish.  Some were very generous, some pretended they couldn’t see us, some said yes on the way in, but looked past us on the way out.  And we heard some of the craziest excuses for declining, from “I’m not from here,” to “I have canned stuff at home.  I’ll go home and bring it back.”  But mostly, folks were kind and generous.  We ended up with a wad of cash at the end, too, which we were able to use to fill up a whole ‘nother grocery cart.  As we were shopping, Meg smiled and remarked, “It feels really good to be able to help people.”

Yes, it does.

They collected four carts full of non-perishable foods, which we delivered today.  Holly, who is pictured with the children, was so pleased with the donation and praised the girls up and down.  They are riding high right now.  So high that on our way home, Delaney asked, “Can we do it again next month?”

Yes, helping people feels really good.  🙂

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3 thoughts on “A 4H Community Service Project

  1. Beckie R.

    That is really fantastic! Nice job girls! Next time, find another store so that you get a new crop of people. Or do it on a different day. Or at a different time of day. All of those things determine who you hit and who you miss 🙂

  2. Melissa

    Having just come from a community service committee meeting I serve on for my job I am so happy to read this! Well done ladies. And I absolutely love that one of your little ladies is all dressed up for the food collection with dress and fancy shoes. LOVE IT! .


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