Daisy Update

Some slight improvement in our girl’s status, just enough to give us some hope. She is showing some interest in food, so I’ve begun feeding her some probiotics to help buffer all the antibiotics. Also making sure she’s getting her kelp. She’s milking a bit better, too, indicating that she is both eating and drinking again. She helped herself to the salt lick last night, too, which is the first act of self-care we’ve seen in ten days. Breathing seems just a little bit better, bloat seems just a little bit less, and we’re starting to feel a little bit like we make it.

We’re thanking God for these small improvements and praying for a full recovery! Fatalities from blackleg are near 100%, so recovery will be no small thing.

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  1. Love and God are a great healing combination. Daisy has all that going for her.
    I am so very glad she is showing some improvement.
    Love you,

  2. I will continue to give my energy to the effort! I hope she makes a full recovery!

  3. I’m so glad she is showing signs of improving. I hope that her progress continues.

  4. How is Daisy doing? Did she pull through?

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