Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…

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Wasting time, waiting for Davey and the children to get home.  Should be just an hour or so away now!

As I’ve been going through and printing out all my old photos, I’ve noticed that sometimes, I’ve photographed lots of things, but very few people, and sometimes, I haven’t taken many photographs at all, especially during these busy summer months.  One good thing about this Project Life project is that I’m much more intentional in making sure I photograph the things I want to remember.

Like my daughters’ first attempt at shearing sheep.  We’re not very good at haircuts around here.  Fortunately, the sheep aren’t self-conscious.  At least, I don’t think they are.

That’s my little bull calf, Stewart, up at the top, there.  Still intact, because he’s such a pretty, perfect little calf that I just can’t muster up the heart to castrate him.  He’s got a sturdy little body, beautiful markings, and a very sweet personality.  I didn’t register him yet, because I don’t usually register the bulls, but he’s eligible.  Still thinking through my options on this guy.

Some links!  Or maybe just one link.  Not an affiliate link, either; just a really good deal, if you happen to be in the market for some stainless steel buckets.  These are a surprisingly nice weight, made in India, and do not come with lids.  That suits me fine for what I wanted them for, which is mostly carrying clabbered milk and table scraps to various kinds of livestock.  I just can’t find anything wrong with them.

I had another link, but I can’t remember what for.  I’m sure it’ll come to me again, but I’m equally sure that I still won’t be near the computer and will still forget by the time I’m ready to tell you about it.

In other news, I have a new mobile device, which is actually a smart phone, with the phone not activated.  It takes nicer pictures than my iPod ever did, and since I seldom used the play music feature of the iPod, the small storage space isn’t bothering me.  I just want it for quick access to email, social media, and the weather forecast, so I’m good.  It cost a lot less, too.  Anyway, just in case you didn’t know or forgot or meant to follow me but never got around to it, you can find me on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

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3 thoughts on “Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…

  1. Beckie R.

    It took a few moments of studying for me to decide that it was Brenna in the pics and not you, though I was pretty sure you were taking the pics. That’s a pretty big undertaking, sheep shearing, isn’t it? I hear that it can be tricky to not ruin the fleece. And that calf is pretty! I hope he doesn’t become food for you…maybe you can sell him? Love you lots and hope you see your babies soon!

  2. Angela

    We just sheared our sheep this week. We didn’t attempt to do it ourselves. We had a helper. It’s not easy!!!


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