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  1. Beckie R. says:

    Perhaps the sheep-shearing skills will improve with practice? Can you do anything with the wool?

    1. Alas, we were not able to get the wool off in anything like a usable form. Also, this breed is primarily for meat production, so their wool is not as suitable. Not that this would have stopped me from trying anyway!

  2. I’m pretty sure the sheep feel so good they don’t mind how they look. And unless there is a mirror in the barn…

    Poor Evie, poor mama. Is she getting teeth?

    1. I’m sure she’s teething. She’s the right age. She’s drooly. She’s always sticking her fingers in her mouth, even while she’s nursing. She’s pooping more. And she really likes it when I rub her gums. She sleeps well at night, but I sure could use a break during the day!

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