Davey’s New Toy






Somebody got himself a tow-behind backhoe. People are really happy about that.

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I'm the mother of eight children, the wife of a retired soldier, and a newly minted farmer. I spend my days fairly productively, home educating our children, raising large quantities of food for several families, and volunteering in our community. I read entire novels a page at a time in the comfort of my bathroom. I tell people I'm Catholic just because they find it so shocking. I think there's nothing so exciting as a thunderstorm coming in. It doesn't bother me at all that my dog barks outside my bedroom window all night. And I rather enjoy being 40. I didn't think I would, but 40 is pretty good.

One thought on “Davey’s New Toy

  1. Beckie R.

    Evie looks a little worried about it there in the first photo; but after seeing how well it works, she’s all smiles!

    love you all 🙂


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