Fair Day #1

Today was check-in day at the fair, which may be the funnest job the Extension Homemakers do throughout the year. At least, I think it is.

Check-in day? Oh, that’s when all the gardeners, quilters, bakers, knitters, photographers, canners, painters, crafters, seamstresses, woodcarvers, etc., bring their wares to the fair to compete against other enthusiasts and artists for ribbons and recognition. The Homemakers manage the Home Economics building, thus, check-in day, the funnest job we do.

Last year, I worked in the handicrafts department, but this year, I got the children. They are so particular about how their work is displayed, and they leave detailed messages for the judges, and they are just so earnest and endearing.

At the appointed time, we closed the doors and posted a guard, and then the out-of-town judges came in and doled out the ribbons. We carefully presented each piece and dutifully delivered each message, and our judge laughed but carefully considered each one.

Afterwards, we arranged them in our display area, ribbons and names prominently displayed for the benefit of the admiring public. Thousands of people will dally in the Home Ec building over the next week. (It’s the only air conditioned building on the fairgrounds!)

Another benefit of volunteering on check-in day is that we find out the winners before the general public. So I happen to know that the Cooper family made a respectable showing, and that one of us won a Grand Champion ribbon. But my lips are sealed. You’ll just have to wait till Wednesday, when the rest of us find out.

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  1. Grand Champion! Woohoo!
    Whichever of my lovely neices or nephews it is, I am thrilled! And I know they all will be, too!
    🙂 Happy fair week!

  2. Beckie R. says:

    With such talented, thoughtful and lovely children, I had no doubt that you would garner some recognition! Congratulations to all the participants!

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