Sheep Show!

This is going to be a bit of a speed post, because: fair week; three drivers with places to be, but only one vehicle; and baby in left typing arm. Shall we get to it?

IMG_3611The girls were really nervous, as this was their first time showing the large animals, and they hadn’t been mentored well enough to know what they should be doing. The sheep got sheared right before weigh-in because we hadn’t gotten a rather critical piece of shearing advice, and so they were already feeling behind-the-eight-ball before we even arrived. The sheep, by the way, weighed in at 73 and 92 pounds. The heaviest lambs were 138! We were the only ones who had pastured ours. All the others were heavily grained and kept in pens.



They still look pretty good against the competition, though.  That gal in the middle took first place for both showmanship and market in this class.  We sucked at showmanship, but it WAS our first time.




They had to walk the sheep around the ring, maintaining control of the animal and eye contact with the judge all at the same time, and make sure their animals stood to best advantage whenever the judge might glance their way.  That was pretty tricky for them, but Delaney did take second in the market portion.



Evie was just done.  They used to let folks through the gate if they were just doing something like picking up their livestock, but the fair powers-that-be thought they were losing too much money this way.  Last year, they hired external ticketers whose job it is to make sure that no one gets through without forking over their ten dollar entrance fee.  The girls had to be there at eight, so I dropped them off, then ran some errands and brought lunch and the rest of the family back at one, before the ticket takers arrived.  The show was at three, and Evie was just tired of being out and about.  She just wanted to rest!

I finally got her to sleep toward the end of the show, and then we grabbed some fair dinner, and checked out our entries in the Home Ec building.  So now I can tell you that ROSIE got the Grand Champion ribbon for her crocheted doll, which I will photograph for you as soon as it comes home.

Plus, we feel extra naughty or clever, depending on our personality types, about getting an extra day at the fair without paying.  We’ll give ’em the cash a little later this week so we can go on the rides.

(In case you were wondering, which you shouldn’t be if you know me even a little, I fall under “clever”.) 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Sheep Show!

  1. Beckie R.

    Congratulations! And way to go! I like seeing kids doing stuff that scares them; it’s good practice for most of life!

  2. Joann Bruner

    Way to go Coopers!!! Great for a first time show and great all around. Extra congrats on GRAND CHAMPION. Now that is goal reached.

  3. KristyB

    Congratulations! And that’s a sweet picture of Evie and your husband. You all make beautiful little ones 🙂

  4. Angela

    Great looking lambs you have there!!! My kids are ultra jealous that your kids don’t have to wear black dress pants and white button up shirts!!! It’s absolutely crazy that mine have to dress up, but it is what it is. Our lambs were kept in a large pen and grained…no access to pastures here. You still got pretty good weights out of them even though they were pastured!!! Our official weigh-in is a week from today!!!! Do your kids raise market animals or just participate in showmanship?


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