The Prize Winner of Meade County

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We’re back from the fair!  And now you can see that Rosie’s crocheted doll was our family’s first winner of a Grand Champion ribbon!  She’s very proud, and rightly so.  The funny thing is, she only took up crocheting this spring. She used to think it was boring! She’s doubly proud because of all the praise she received from full-grown women, most of whom do not know how to crochet themselves.  It always does a girl’s heart good to know that she excels in some womanly art.

We had lots of winners, earning enough prize money to pay our admission fee, so that’s good!  Most astounding ribbon: the cro-yoyo took second place! The yoyo tree got a third.  And the pink elephants (or the one I kept, at least) won a second place ribbon, too, losing to a teddy bear, but beating out a penguin.  All of my photos won a ribbon, one taking first place in it’s category!  Meggie did well in the knitting department, and several of them placed in the writing categories. Tommy even got a blue ribbon for his lego walkie talkie.

We didn’t have time to enter in any of the cooking categories this year, even though we usually place really well. And we had two non-participants, both male, who are on orders for next year.

And we’re really glad it’s all over!

Blue Ribbon Ducklings
Blue Ribbon Ducklings

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  1. Beckie R. says:

    congratulations to everyone!!!! Rosie, your doll is amazing! Great job! (So far, I have only made winter hats with ear flaps, and I almost always have to take some of it out and start over because I’ve counted wrong ;O ). I’m going to try to get to the Sussex county fair this year; we haven’t made it as a family yet 🙂


  2. Wow, that’s wonderful! Congratulations to all the wins.

  3. Rosie’s doll is quite impressive. Anna recently started crocheting too, though she is not quite at that level yet. Congratulations to the Cooper family for a right good showing at the fair!

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