A Funny Story Regarding a Mama Pig

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We borrowed a boar to be Lady Lollipop’s husband back in March.  According to my calculations, her piglets were due in early July at the earliest, but could come as late as fair week.  Davey, however, started looking for piglets in May, and wondering why his beloved sow didn’t seem to be showing any pregnancy signs.

Our pigs reside next to the pond up here by the house.  Did you know that pigs can’t get hot?  Lollipop nearly expired in the 22 minutes it took us to walk her to her new home up here last summer.  That’s why they like the mud so much; it keeps them cool.

Lollipop’s shelter house was up on the pasture side of her pen, but Davey, being anxious about those piglets, decided to move it down into the hollow, where it is shady and there is easy access to the pond.  He didn’t want those newborn piglets to get too hot!  Unfortunately, that area also floods in the rainy season, being actually a shallow part of the pond.

After I saw what he’d done, I looked at Davey perplexedly.  “Why would she want to have her babies in a flood zone?” I asked.

“Just trust me,” he said.

In early July, right on schedule, Lollipop dug a little depression, lined it with hay, and went into labor.  On the top of the hill on the pasture side.  “I won’t say I told you so,” I said, as Davey built her a hasty shelter exactly where her house had been.

“Thanks,” he said.

Her house is half underwater right now.  🙂


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2 thoughts on “A Funny Story Regarding a Mama Pig

  1. Barbara

    Oh poor Lollipop! At least she is smart enough to go to dry land. Hopefully she won’t have to pull her babies out of the water. Do they avoid it, or are they not too bright?

    Btw…congratulations on all your fair ribbons!

    1. Jennie Cooper Post author

      Pigs are actually pretty smart. Smarter than their keepers, anyway. 😉 The piglets are about three weeks old and quite capable of getting themselves into and out of trouble, so they were all just fine!


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