Now It’s Winter


A strong front blew through on Friday night, gusty winds tearing most of the leaves from the trees, a few flurries warning us that this was the end. The cows sleep in the barn now, and they will until spring. Soon, we, too, will tuck ourselves away in the warmth and glow of our own little home.

Things to Look Forward To In Winter:
Ice covered trees;
Hot cocoa;
Long evenings of reading aloud;
Three winter birthdays!
Cold air in my lungs;
The scent of the pines on the coldest mornings;
The solstice;
Shattering the ice on the cows’ water tanks;
Firewood stacked near the porch;
Bright stars;
The hush of a sleeping, waiting world;
The first haze of green on the wooded hills when at last we’ve reached the end.

What do you enjoy about the winter?

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  1. Flannel sheets. A few weeks with no outside activities. The hope for renewal that always seems to come with a new year.

  2. Decorating for holidays; savory soups and stews; the laughter of kids as they slide down hills or build snow forts; snuggling under blankets and watching movies.

  3. I don’t enjoy a whole lot of winter, but I do look forward to Thanksgiving and the other holidays, but they’re also hard to be away from far-off families during this time. Even so, your description is quite heart-warming.

  4. Brenna Cooper says:

    You forgot waking up to the sound of the heat-reclaimer and knowing somebody loves you enough to get up in the cold and light a fire. 🙂

    1. Hi, Brenna! It was disconcerting to light a fire the other day and not hear that thing running. Gotta get a new extension cord! I love you.

  5. I’m looking forward to a fire in the fireplace every night, and winter cooking, and long lamp-lit evenings. Not so much being cold, as I’m already cold. Time to get out wool socks.

  6. A beautiful list – it will help me get through the sweet corn and tomato withdrawal I am already experiencing.

    I’m looking forward to having the fire going all the time, Dutch Blitz, baby calves with woolly coats, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and picking out tomatoes and corn to grow next year.

    1. Ah, planning for next summer. One of the most pleasant things of all!

  7. Great lists, ladies! We’ve got to think positive. 🙂

    1. I’m really trying; but thinking of all the time I’ll spend with cold feet this winter keeps knocking my enthusiasm right back down 🙁

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