Holes or Sinkholes?

Last summer, I told you about our sinkholes.  Do you remember?  If not, you can go back and read this, or just admire the photographs of sunshine and greenness. 🙂

Are you back?  Oh, good!  I missed you.

Now about those sinkholes.  If there was any doubt that our sinkholes were active, they have been laid completely to rest.

blog IMG_7248

Dave noticed this on his way out to feed the pigs, on what has been so far the coldest day of the year.  I was pretty numb by the time my camera and I made it back to the house, but it was a fascinating thing to behold!  You can barely see in the picture: plumes of warm, damp air were rising out of the earth and freezing on the vegetation closest to the holes.  The whole area was speckled with clumps of crystalline weeds!

I’m glad we got it fenced off, doubly so since I went inside the wire to get the photos and I noted a whole lot of new little holes.


Maybelle had been feeling particularly aggressive that morning, too, and I had to keep running her off.  Every time I tried to get a shot, she’d charge me again!

I risked frostbite, unstable earth, and a raging bovine, all so I could show you a picture of icy weeds.  🙂

But if sinkholes, caves, and underground rivers are half as fascinating to you as they are to me, it was totally worth it.


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  1. It WAS totally worth it!

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