On Supporting Organizations That Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Our grocery store is collecting funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  Maybe yours is, too?  The problem is that MDA funds embryonic stem cell research.  (I looked through all their current research grants here and while most of the projects involve stem cells from the patient’s own body, there are at least two projects focusing on embryonic stem cells.  See pages 50 and 64.)

As Catholics, we can not, of course, sanction embryonic stem cell research.  This site says that all current emryonic stem cell lines are derived from “leftovers” of the in vitro fertilization process.  Abortion is not the only way to kill a human baby.

If we believe, as our Church teaches, and has taught from the very beginning, that life begins at conception, then we have no choice but to withhold support from any organization that sees promise in the death of our children.

It doesn’t matter how many other lives might be saved.

If one unborn baby has to die, the cost is too high.


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  1. Cathy Smith says:

    Thanks for the information. I enjoy your articles and pictures.

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