The Pig Whisperer

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Aren’t they sweet?  You wouldn’t think “sweet” as a good adjective for a pig, but these two really are.  Bob, the darker fellow in the front, is a borrowed boar.  He was living in a small concrete pen until the day came to visit our Miss Piggy, and he was weak and scared and timid.  A couple of weeks of sunshine and fresh air and a large pen to wander in have done him a whole lot of good, but he’s really thrived under the gentle care Dave has lavished on him.

Dave is our resident pig handler.  He enjoys working with the pigs like I enjoy the cows, and he has spent hours out in the pen, just sitting nearby, talking and touching Bob as much as he could.  After the first few days, Bob was following him around and initiating contact instead of shying away.  He’s been here three weeks now, and he has finally begun to stand his ground for food.  He’s almost a normal pig!  (He still won’t walk down the hill to the water, though. 🙂 )

We’re hoping to get two litters of piglets out of Miss Piggy this year, but we’re not sure Bob is doing his job.  Miss Piggy keeps showing him how, but Bob hasn’t shown any interest.  At least, not while we’re watching.  We’ve read that pigs mate at night, but who knows?

If Bob works out, we’d like to add a freezer to our offerings, where our shareholders can choose to purchase healthful meats, in addition to our usual dairy offerings.  That’ll mean, too, that you won’t have to buy your chickens all at once.  🙂  And there just might be a store front in the works.  No more navigating the children’s shoes and coats in the mudroom!


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One thought on “The Pig Whisperer

  1. Barbara

    He looks like a happy pig. And I think it’s awesome that Davy is a pig whisperer. Maybe there’s a market? 😉 He could get a TV show.


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