Weeds: A Photographic Journey Through Our Yard and Gardens

The ground was so softened by rain this week that we happily spent the morning weeding out the monsters which have overtaken our gardens. We have this prolific variety that prefers to grow in the compost from the barn; they are thorny, but shallow rooted, and they come out easily. We have several varieties of Queen Anne’s Lace, which is supposed to be poisonous to the livestock, and lots of chickory, which has extremely deep roots. Chickory can be roasted and ground and brewed as a coffee substitute. Just in case you ever get desperate. (Chickory is the one with the purple flowers!) We have lots more weed varieties, but these are the prettiest. šŸ™‚

bugs on queen annes lace 1
chickory 1 morning glory queen anne's lace 1 red weed thing 1 white and green 1

The funny thing about weeds is, if they were growing anyplace else besides the garden, we’d call them wildflowers!

2 thoughts on “Weeds: A Photographic Journey Through Our Yard and Gardens

  1. Beckie R.

    Well, at least your weeds have flowers on them! Ours are just large, leafy, green monsters that suck out nutrients without adding the least bit of interest to the garden. Humph.

    I recently learned that Queen Anne’s Lace is actually a type of carrot. If you pull them, you can eat the roots!

    Love you lots, weeds and all!


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