A Deep and Profound Loss

We use a science curriculum which is satisfactory in all ways save one: The authors insist on breaking in frequently to tell the students why this or that bit of science points clearly to a creator.  This wouldn’t bother me, but the lapse in logic required most of the time to make the point is stunning. I tell the children, “Just skip the God parts.” They like that, because sometimes it goes on for several pages.  But I also tell them that they have nothing to fear from a study of science, that science seeks to understand the created world, and that even if the scientists themselves don’t believe in God, all of creation points clearly to Him. Atheists, too, have to make great leaps of illogic in order to maintain their view that God does not exist.

I’m thinking of this in light of the abortion debate currently raging across the internet and in the media. Pro-lifers actually have science on our side: an unborn child looks like a person very soon after conception. The DNA is human. The heart beats from just a few weeks, pumping its own blood within its own body. And the child is known to feel pain.

But our brethren who are so heavily invested in the abortion mindset, they scream at us when we point these things out. They call us sentimental idiots, or superstitious religious zealots, and they insist that even a 20 week unborn child is just a “blob of fetal tissue”, and we are rudely trying to push our own subjective morality on women who have a right to their own bodies.

And there is no pointing to the science, or even the psychology. They continue to shout their ugliness into our faces, and we continue, with breaking hearts, to speak for Truth, to speak for life, to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

In a homily a few weeks ago, our Father David was speaking on evangelization. He said that we can’t help people toward God unless their hearts are already disposed to receive Him, unless they are already seeking His face. And that is our problem today. We are preaching love and life into a world filled with hate, fixated on death, and the world is ill-disposed to receive it.

Worse, we are preaching our message of love and life without the weight of the Church behind us. Our Church has gone silent. These past few weeks have been devastating for the faithful, and we are not receiving comfort or guidance from any quarter. Those few of us who stand, we stand alone.

I began this post in the early morning hours. How to live our faith with authenticity in this hostile world, how to raise and prepare our children, in the midst of all this degradation, to be lights in the world…it has been weighing heavily on my heart. And then, we arrived at our parish church to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and we were given the crushing news that our priest has been removed from ministry in our parish. He may have asked to be reassigned, or it may have been chosen for him. I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter. He is a faithful priest, who feels strongly about teaching a poorly catechized laity and restoring our liturgy to the norms of the Church, and he was up against a lot of opposition.

We are Catholic now, for the most part, in name only. We attend Mass, but we don’t buy into the teachings of the Church. We don’t believe in Hell, and so we don’t need to believe in an absolute truth. Without truth, morality is left to our own discretion, and, boy, do we hate to be told we’re wrong. We hate it enough to drive away someone who was genuinely trying to shine a light into our darkness.

I’ve lived here for nearly seven years, and I have prayed all these years for a priest who cared about the eternal souls of his flock, who would lead us toward the narrow way of holiness. I see now that that man also needs to have uncommon courage, for there are many who will oppose him and seek his ruin, and not from outside the Church, but from within.

He cannot evangelize to a people who are not already seeking God. I did not know at the time that this was prophesy. If this is why he left us, and if we had any part in erecting these insurmountable obstacles in his path, we should hang our heads in shame, for we’ve done the Devil’s work today.

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  1. I assume in paragraph 8, you mean “we” as in a generalized Catholic population. And you’d be correct. There are far fewer Catholics seeker the truth than those going through the motions. And there are far fewer truly righteous, truly devout and reverent priests than those who are worn out and just going through the motions. We need to pray for our priests. And we need to sacrifice for our Church.

    Keep your chin up, Jennie. The Church has been on this earth for 2000 years. It will keep going. We may have to fight harder, our numbers may dwindle or grow, but Jesus Christs’s church will remain and is worthy of the battle.

  2. PS I pray your next priest is worthy of your trust, as well.

  3. Yes, I mean “we” in a broad sense. I try not to point fingers. I’m hoping still that we’ll be able to get our Father David back. It’s not a done deal just yet!

  4. ugh. I’m so sorry. It is so crushing to lose a good priest, and they are under so much attack.

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