Little Explorers


I noticed the little piglets up by the near fence yesterday, and so I brought the baby over to see.  We startled them, and the whole lot of them ran squealing up the opposite bank.  That’s when I noticed the mama in the water.  She grunted and heaved herself out of the pond to chase after her brood.  “Sorry, Mama,” I said, genuinely apologetic. “I know how you feel.”

Today, they have managed to escape their pen, wee rascals that they are, and they’ve been exploring the bank of the pond and a little of the yard.  I took pictures.  The dog sat patiently waiting for some sort of sign that she should round them up.  I have no idea what commands are needed for shepherd dogs, but I think I’d best find out, because it’s what she loves to do!

Later the kids ran to the house, shouting, “The piglets are in the yard!  Can we pet them?”

“If you can catch one, you can pet it,” I replied.  They never did catch one, but they had fun trying.

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  1. We left a week too early! The kids would’ve had a ball with that!
    Great for the first day of school too 😉

    1. Farm babies grow up fast! Also got rid of my steer today, which means a whole new pasture to run around in. 🙂

  2. If he/she learned a command before you got him/her, it would be nice to know what it was.steome respond to just a whistle. Ours have always herded children with no command at all. Maybe just a point and an “ok” will get him/her going.

    Cute piggies.

    1. I don’t think she was trained at all. I’d just kind of like to know what the proper terminology is. 🙂

  3. It’s instinctive to the dog (or not if not a herder) so they really just need permission.

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