Nature Therapy

Sometimes, cleaning therapy is not quite enough, and you need to get away. Not shopping. Oh, no. That doesn’t fill the heart or soothe the soul. But nature does.

So I packed the children and our lunch off to our favorite park. It’s located between the Walmart and the entrance to Fort Knox, and it’s such a lovely and well-maintained nature preserve, I’m always surprised to see so few people there.

Pleasantly surprised. Because the whole point is to kind of get away from the everyday, you know?

Also? I really, really love this girl.  She loved wading in the creek today.  At least, she did after she recovered from the initial shock of the chilly temperature.  And only three of the children slipped and drenched themselves, which makes it a highly successful trip.

8x10 evie by fence

7 thoughts on “Nature Therapy

  1. Anne says:

    Oh super fun!! We had some different kind of nature therapy at a little local zoo yesterday, and it was lovely too! My default is to want to stay at home and read, but I’m usually so glad we went. And as I keep reminding myself, it is so much easier to get a crew of kids out and about BEFORE winter sets in!!

  2. Beckie R. says:

    Oh, yes, how very well a trip into nature sets you on an even keel. Shopping never does that for me because I fret too much about how much money everything costs and I can’t really enjoy myself. But a good walk in the woods, especially if there’s water, there’s nothing better.

    Love you all and miss you still.

  3. Susanna says:

    Wow, I vaguely remember that place… Like another life time… First visit my dh took me mountain biking for the first and last time and I decided road biking was much better. Knox was one of those personal development assignments… ?

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