Spring on Our Farm

Goodness gracious!  I’m such a bad farm blogger!

chicks on perchWe’re thick into Spring around here, even though the weather is somewhat uncooperative.  We’re hatching chicks, for one thing!  Each year, we hatch a new flock of layers, plus the birds we need for our freezer and for our shareholders, and also some extra chicks for sale.  Chick sales are really good this year, I’m happy to report, and since our Megan will end up doing most of the chicken care for the summer, she gets to be the primary beneficiary of those sales.  Seems only fair, don’t you think?

We’ve also, hopefully, got two of our five cows bred for late fall calving.  They’ll be born later than I’d like, but we’ve had the hardest time getting them pregnant this year!  I don’t know why, but I’m glad those troubles seem to be behind us.  We’ll breed the other two in May and June for calving next spring, and our fifth heifer is spoken for and moving to a new home in May.

We got a bit of a late start with our seedlings this year, but that seems to be working out alright, since the weather is all over the place this year.  Some nights, it’s 50 or 60 degrees, and others, we fall into the 20s.  It’s very hard to work with that!  I’m not surprised, though, after the mild and equally unpredictable winter we had, and I imagine that, eventually, we’ll be able to plant tomatoes.

We’re getting a lot of interest in herd shares at this time of year.  Last year, everybody wanted their shares delivered, and we’re just too small to do that, so we didn’t pick up any new shareholders.  So, for the winter, I only kept two cows in milk – enough for us and our current membership.  Alas, I expected to have more cows calving by now, and so have shares available, but it hasn’t worked out that way.  (See paragraph above.)  It’s all for the best, I’m sure; we have a human baby due any day now, and it’s probably best that we slow down for this season and just let things ride.

Signing off for now, but I’ll try to write more often here, okay?