Hay Day

delaney hay

I never had to worry about this sort of thing before, but out here on a farm, pretty much as soon as one winter ends, the preparations for the next one begin. We garden and can our vegetables and put them away in the pantry in anticipation of the end of the growing season. We gather firewood, split it, and stack it near the house, so it’s close at hand when the winds and snows are blowing. And we fill our barns with hay for the livestock against the months the grass doesn’t grow and there is nothing to graze.

hay day

I had a baby this year in the spring, when preparations for winter began in earnest, and I didn’t get around to calling for hay until just last week, but my hay guy is a great guy, and he had 200 bales of grass hay and a hundred bales of alfalfa for us. It was a hard morning’s work, but our girls, our son, their dad, and two visiting fellas got it all in the barn and borrowed trailers returned by one o’clock. I just had to tend the babies and feed them lunch.

This, in addition to the thirty-odd round bales Dave traded his labor for back in May, will see our dairy cows and their calves, two steers, and three hogs through the winter, no matter how bad it might be.

Now, we just need to acquire that firewood and we’ll be good to go!