One Cow Is Nice

Way, way back, seven and a half years ago, when Maybelle, our first cow, came to live with us, we were often alone together, us two.  Being the only cow, she came to love me, as much as a cow can love, and to rely on me for companionship.  We were pretty tight, Maybelle and I.  But times changed, and we wanted more milk, and so our herd grew.  The cows had each other and wanted me less, and we had a friendly working relationship, but we weren’t really friends.  Now, there is just one again, just Sunshine, and we have that same sort of relationship already that Maybelle and I used to have, and that pleases me in ways I can’t describe.  In the evenings, when I walk out to the field to call her in, she perks up at the sound of my voice and comes joyfully to my side.  We walk together and talk together and enjoy the quiet of the milking routine together.  I can’t really think of anything more contenting than milking my one and only cow.

This is not my cow Sunshine. This is my calf Delilah. Delilah will be the mother of our future beefs, but for now, she’s just a calf.
This is not my cow Sunshine, either. This is Sunshine’s calf, Heidi. Heidi is for sale. She will be a most excellent family cow someday.

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  1. Your cows have very fitting names 🙂 Delilah looks like a Delilah, and Heidi looks like a Heidi.

  2. You know, I really try to get a feel for each calf before I name her. I tried to call one Poppy one time, but I couldn’t make it stick. She turned out to be a Pepper, because she was lovely, but a little bit spicy, too. 🙂

  3. Funny how we have many cows but I can distinguish Dusty’s moo over everyone else’s. Cows can make for a good pet. We have a few that respond to their name. I remember those long but short 7 years ago when you got your first cow. Good memories.

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