A Gracie Update

I was sitting in the barn the other day, watching our little calf practice standing on her stick legs.  “Who are you?” I asked her.  “What would you like to be called?”  She stared at me earnestly for a moment, and then her name came to me.  Gracie.  Just perfect for this little sweetie bravely facing a challenging start in life.

Gracie wore her splints till Sunday morning, but she wasn’t quite finished.  Her left hoof still kept turning under, no matter how hard she tried to use it, but her right, she could stand on a little bit.  It wanted to turn under, too, but she could keep herself up on her toes a little bit, until she leaned forward too far!  So she’s back in her splints for four more days, and then we’ll take them off again and reevaluate.  I’m hopeful she’ll just need the left one by the weekend.  I’m not optimistic enough that she will need no splints at all.

The vet volunteered to resplint her over the weekend, but we can manage that here on the farm now.  This was a new problem for me, and one I did not know how to handle, so the vet was helpful in providing me with a bit of an education on this front.  I don’t believe in paying somebody to do something for me without gaining knowledge out of it!  Next time, if there is one, I’ll be able to handle it in-house from the get-go.

Other than that, she’s eating well, she made it through two quite cold nights, she’s figured out how to frisk about on her little pink legs, and she’s generally a contented little calf.

Also, that photo up there cracks me up.  It’s already showed up on my instagram account, but I couldn’t resist using it again!


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