Kitchen Work

I have always genuinely enjoyed housekeeping and homemaking.  Well, maybe not always.  We’re each of us, after all, products of our families of origin and the larger culture, and neither one really encouraged a love of homemaking in me.  So, in the beginning, homemaking and I had an uneasy relationship, really, because I did enjoy […]

O, The Irony

When Henry was a newborn, he slept too well.  I never thought that was even possible!  But he’d sleep all through the night, and I actually had to wake him up to nurse.  He is such a big baby that I was really worried about diminishing milk supply if we went that long between feedings. […]

Henry, Four Months Old

I just adore this child.  Especially those legs!  Those arms!  He is so chunky, so sturdy, and he has the most gorgeous skin.  Most of us are pretty fair, but Rosie and Henry have this gorgeous Mediterranean skin, smooth and deep, and did I mention gorgeous?  He’s round about 20 lbs already. (!) He’s very […]

Creating a Family Culture: Children’s Friendships With Each Other

I had to pop in and talk to the anesthesiologist the other day as part of my hospital pre-admittance checklist.  “Is this your first?” he asked, and I’m not sure why, but I’ve been getting that a lot lately. “No, this is my ninth,” I said. “I knew it!” he replied, and I looked at […]

37+ Weeks and Counting

I don’t blog much these days, and for one simple reason, really: one isn’t able to muster much energy for non-baby related things in late pregnancy!  What energy I have goes toward maintaining home and home school as much as possible, and preparing for the little one to come.  I’m at the Weekly Visit To […]

A Certain Saturday in March

I planted two of our garden beds this week: peas and lettuce, spinach and radishes, and a few carrots, too.  I couldn’t resist.  Who could?  Bright sun, warm temperatures… Oh, I know it’ll probably freeze again, though there’s no sign of it in the forecast, but I wanted something in the ground.  Even if it […]

Separation Anxiety

When Evie was a baby, she’d stop breathing sometimes while she slept.  She’d never start up again on her own; I had to move her to make her take that next breath.  During the day, when she slept, she slept right next to me in a bassinet that I could roll easily around the house.  […]

Raising Future Mothers and Fathers

Evie was heading up the stairs yesterday afternoon in order to play with all of her people.  “Jon!” I called.  “Evie’s coming up!  Keep an eye on her, please!” Jon appeared at the top of the stairs to receive her, but as soon as she saw him, she laid down right where she was, and […]


This is what our roads look like.  A layer of ice, under a layer of snow, turned to slush under the tires of passing vehicles, refrozen… We don’t salt or sand in our neck of the woods, and the snowplows only come out if there’s actually something to plow, so… we slip and slide. But […]

Fan Club

We were out and about earlier in the week and Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing came on over a store radio.  Meggie tapped me on the shoulder.  “He doesn’t sing this nearly as well as you do,” she said with a smile. That happens to me all the time, random people coming […]