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Scenes From the Feed Mill

8x10 grain bin 8x10 jon and meg loading feed 8x10 string ties at feed store

Funny story: Jonathan is fourteen now, and he is, rather miraculously, becoming quite the manly man.  Meaning he can lift two 50# feed sacks effortlessly and toss them several feet without even trying.  His physical attributes are frequently admired at home and abroad.  We women, though, we consider ourselves pretty strong, too, in spirit, perhaps, if not necessarily in body, though a 50# sack is no match for us, either.  So Megan was watching her brother toss sacks into the trailer, and she thought to herself, “If Jon can do it, so can I.”  She grabbed her sack, walked to the trailer, and launched it.  Except, instead of sailing through the air and landing on the far side of the trailer, it plopped unceremoniously right in front of her.  Perhaps we’ll just leave the tossing to Jonny from now on.

Asparagus Ferns After a Rain

asparagus berries asparagus ferns rainI stepped outside to do my evening chores and the asparagus patch, with the sun behind it, looked almost frosted, as if this was winter instead of summer.  It was so beautiful.  My photos, of course, do not do it justice, but they will have to suffice.

Portrait of Another Fence Post

chickory stem with carpenter bee holesI call this one “Fence Post with Carpenter Bee Holes and Fading Chickory”.

Portrait of a Very Old Fence Post

portrait of a very old fence post

This.  This is a fence post with character.  Don’t you think?

Cows in the Snow

8x10 IMG_7588

Wasn’t it the most beautiful morning?  I’m always grateful that the cows get me up and out so I never miss a sunrise!  So much promise in a new day. 🙂

Photo of the Week: Country Mailbox

blog IMG_6461a

The victim of much vandalism, frequently patched back together by a twelve year old boy.  It looks better than it has any right to, actually.

In Living Color

8x10 IMG_5739 IMG_5717a IMG_5732 IMG_5760 IMG_5762 IMG_5768

Back in the old days, long, long, long ago, when I used to use actual film, I’d shoot every third roll in black and white.  I love color photographs, but I love black and white.  I always figure, with the digital, that I can just make my photos monochrome after the fact, but I just never like them as well as shooting in black and white to begin with.  I guess I should make it a point to change that setting once in a while, like in the old days.  🙂

These are just a few snapshots of my evening, nothing fancy, but they sure do make me feel glad.  We’re living a colorful life here!

Happy weekend, friends!