I Got My Cow Bred The Old Fashioned Way

Yesterday was kind of a quiet day.  We had just as much work to do as ever, but there was a hushed sort of expectancy as we all waited for the wedding time.  After a while, I picked up my camera and went on a little walkabout, seeing the world and making photographs of it.  […]

Artificial Insemination: Two Down, Two to Go

“Good morning, ladies!” I called out cheerfully.  I flipped on the barn lights.  Sleepy cows rose and stretched and looked at me curiously.  Except one: she thrust her head over the stall door and mooed. Here’s a little known fact for you: Cows only moo when they are in need of something. So I looked […]

The Stakeholders’ Meeting

The stakeholders are not the same as the shareholders.  The shareholders own one or more shares of the dairy herd for the purpose of obtaining fresh milk, and for that they pay a fee, but the stakeholders are actually doing the work.  Mostly.  May I explain? We were reading a Ralph Moody book a while […]

How To Breed For Heifers

Did I say tomorrow?  I meant the day after tomorrow.  🙂 Since I rely on my vet to inseminate my cows, and since my vet isn’t always available when I want him, I’ve always been a little panicky about calling him as soon as my cows show signs of being in heat.  The first time […]