Choosing God

The other day, I mentioned that just because something happens, it doesn’t mean that God wills it.  It isn’t God’s will, for instance, that children get sick and die.  It isn’t God’s will that we commit violent crimes against each other.  It isn’t God’s will that some among us suffer hunger, homelessness, or loneliness.  It […]

Confirmed in the Holy Spirit

And some family photos, which never come out quite as good as I’d like them to. 🙂 The archbishop used so much chrism oil this morning, the confirmandi were fairly dripping with it! Our small parish shares a priest with another nearby, and the Confirmation Mass today was held at our sister church.  Therefore, we […]

On the Monday Before Christmas

We’ve been using an Advent devotional this year called We Light the Candles¹.  Each week’s candle has a different name: Promise, Light, Love, and… “What do you think our last candle is named?” I asked the children. “Peace!” yelled one, and “Joy!” said another.  Rosie looked at me with a grin and said, “Impatience!” That’s […]