Make: Chunky Bobble Garland

I do not know what possessed me to want to make bobble garland, but make it I did!  And it looks adorable on my “Advent” tree.  (An “Advent” tree is an artificial tree that you put up as soon as possible after Thanksgiving, even though your husband doesn’t care for “Advent” trees, and would prefer […]

The End of a Day

When she was done picking out which parts of her dinner she wanted to eat – mostly carrots, hers and mine – Evie climbed into my lap.  “Are you sleepy?” I asked, noting her unusually subdued attitude. “I not sleepy,” she said, putting her head on my shoulder.  “I tired.” She was sound asleep in […]

{p,h,f,r} It’s Sunny!

{pretty} Winter, in my part of the world, tends to be gray and overcast.  Except when it’s brutally cold!  Alas, like most of the country this year, we’re experiencing unseasonable warm weather, and thus, it is rainy and gray something like 99.9% of the time.  But today!  Today I spied the sun shining on my […]

{p,h,f,r} At The Tree Farm

We’ve been going to a small, family-owned tree farm for our Christmas trees for most of the time we’ve lived here, but last year, we noticed that the trees were getting scragglier, and he didn’t seem to be planting new ones.  So this year, we went with a bigger, agri-tourism operation not far from Louisville, […]

Once an Army Family, Always an Army Family (9/365)

We went to the commissary this morning, and lo! An Army Band, playing right there in the checkout line! It was a pleasant, if odd, surprise, and we enjoyed the show! Just as we left the commissary, we noticed a big C130 circling overhead, apparently practicing take-offs and landings. So we hurried on over to […]