Desperate Times

First, I just want to say that I am loving the Jesus Storybook Bible.  Loving!  It is so sweet, with a lot of illustrations that keep the wee ones engaged and an energetic style that both entertains and illuminates.  The focus is on the bible as a love story, and it just sings with joy.  […]

Messy Life

For some reason, I feel very much like capturing all the messiness of real life lately. I love the photographs that completely and cleverly crop out all the disaster surrounding the subject, but, right now, I’m also loving the ones in which the disaster is the subject. Because the laundry isn’t always folded, the kitchen […]

Confirmed in the Holy Spirit

And some family photos, which never come out quite as good as I’d like them to. 🙂 The archbishop used so much chrism oil this morning, the confirmandi were fairly dripping with it! Our small parish shares a priest with another nearby, and the Confirmation Mass today was held at our sister church.  Therefore, we […]

14/365 Apples And Evie

One of Davey’s cousins gave us this bowl for our wedding, some months after the fact.  We were already living in Colorado, and she was out there vacationing with her family.  She picked it up at a shop in Denver and told us we could exchange it if we didn’t like it.  Davey thought for […]

Nature Therapy

Sometimes, cleaning therapy is not quite enough, and you need to get away. Not shopping. Oh, no. That doesn’t fill the heart or soothe the soul. But nature does. So I packed the children and our lunch off to our favorite park. It’s located between the Walmart and the entrance to Fort Knox, and it’s […]

The Cousins Are Coming!

People think depression makes you really sad. Maybe it does; I don’t really know what went on inside of Davey for all those years, but outwardly, he was just angry and hateful. Nobody really knew what we were going through. Our misery was so complete that it seems like everything else was crowded out. Relationship […]

Busy Weekend

We went blueberry picking!  Evie ate too many blueberries.  Blueberry poops are not fun.  Everybody was wondering why blueberry poops are so terrible, so when it finally came, I showed them.  Penelope peered into the diaper and nodded.  “Yup!  That’s what happened to me, too!”  And if that wasn’t enough, I fed them beans for […]

Family Movie Night: Enchanted

This is a hilarious romp through pretty much all of the Disney-esque fairy tale cliches.  It begins in standard animated format, but before long, those shallow, animated characters find themselves thrust into the real world, interacting with real people.  Is there really such a thing as true love?  What is it?  Can it still be […]