Greener Pastures

Yesterday, we moved our boys to greener pastures…literally! They were thrilled with the grass, but not so much with the change of location. They’ve lived in this other pasture their whole lives, and cows are such creatures of habit that I suppose their angst is understandable, but they spent a large portion of the day […]

Blueberry Season

We picked 90 pounds this year, much better than last year’s 12.  That doesn’t include the ones we ate in the field.  If they’d weighed the kids before and after, I would have owed them quite a few more dollars. 🙂 We put 45 pounds right in the freezer, but I’ve got another 40 I […]

Chickens On Pasture – An Update

We’ve got 114 birds out on pasture right now, and I’m really, really happy with the amount of food they’re consuming and their rate of growth.  We’re feeding them a combination of grains and scratch feed (which is primarily corn, but also contains various seeds) along with about a half gallon of naturally occurring yogurt […]