Weather Losses

Some years, the springs are mild and uneventful, and other years, we can’t catch a break. This year has been one of the latter, and while there hasn’t been much in the way of tornado potential, we’ve had a lot of rain. A lot. In a sixteen hour span of time, from Saturday afternoon through […]

Our Ducklings Are Hatching

And there really isn’t much more to say than that! It looks like the ducklings are falling out of their original nest, though, and have been adopted by a mama who has not finished setting on her own clutch. So that’ll be a little sad if she leaves her eggs, but there are many more […]

I Got My Cow Bred The Old Fashioned Way

Yesterday was kind of a quiet day.  We had just as much work to do as ever, but there was a hushed sort of expectancy as we all waited for the wedding time.  After a while, I picked up my camera and went on a little walkabout, seeing the world and making photographs of it.  […]

Moving Day for the Chicks

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that this is Chick Week! Our chicks began hatching on Tuesday, and today, they moved into their temporary homes on the porch. They’ve got heat lamps and wood chips, food and water, and lots of friends. One or two look like they won’t make it, but […]

Greener Pastures

Yesterday, we moved our boys to greener pastures…literally! They were thrilled with the grass, but not so much with the change of location. They’ve lived in this other pasture their whole lives, and cows are such creatures of habit that I suppose their angst is understandable, but they spent a large portion of the day […]

One Cow Is Nice

Way, way back, seven and a half years ago, when Maybelle, our first cow, came to live with us, we were often alone together, us two.  Being the only cow, she came to love me, as much as a cow can love, and to rely on me for companionship.  We were pretty tight, Maybelle and […]

Open Doors

I had three cows – one milker, one heifer, and one calf – looking for new homes, and they’re all spoken for.  In about three weeks, we’ll only have Sunshine, our milk cow; Delilah, our Jersey-Angus cross heifer calf; and two steers who I might feed out to butchering size, or who I just might […]

Happiness Is…

…four cars, all lined up in a row on our plain gravel drive, Three of those cars belong to three of our daughters, our eldest daughters who have learned and grown and are ready to fly.  Some of them are seldom here any more, between school and work, but this is a golden week or […]

Desperate Times

First, I just want to say that I am loving the Jesus Storybook Bible.  Loving!  It is so sweet, with a lot of illustrations that keep the wee ones engaged and an energetic style that both entertains and illuminates.  The focus is on the bible as a love story, and it just sings with joy.  […]


We’ve been milking our beautiful Jersey cows for seven years now, and we’re sorry to say it’s time for us to downsize our herd. We’ve never been very big, milking at most three cows, but it has been enough to serve twenty to thirty shareholders in addition to our own large family. Alas, with Fort […]